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Other Catholic Engaged Encounter Communities:

National Engaged Encounter

View the national site and find a community anywhere in the world.

District V (Western States)

Find other western communities and view the schedules from all these communities at once

Orange County EE

Learn about EE weekends in Orange County

Los Angeles CEE

Learn about EE weekends in Los Angeles

San Diego EE

Call for information:  (858) 566-4436

Las Vegas

Call for information:  (702)248-8844

Riverside/San Bernardino Spanish CEE

Call for information:  (951) 550-9545

Other Related Sites:

Archdiocese of Los Angeles

LA Archdiocese web site

Marriage Encounter

Learn about EE weekends in Orange County

Office of Famliy Life - LA

Call for information:  (213) 637-7228

Office of Famliy Life - Orange County

Find information about marriage programs, NFP and other family related issues or call for information :  (714) 282-3045

Office of Famliy Life - San Diego

Call for information:  (858) 490-8297


To help and  renew marriages.

Smart Marriages

Clearinghouse on how to make a marriage work.

Natural Family Planning Sites:


California NFP directory of NFP Instructors

Family of the Americas

More NFP information

Fertility UK

Fertility U K

Catholic Information Network

Additional NFP links

Couple to Couple League

Find instructors, books and other material on NFP


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